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I still love these buttons. =D

Nagellack (Modified)


I still love these buttons. =D

I still love these buttons. =D

Pattern: Nagellack by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma Basic Bulky (Deep Woods and Forest)
Needle:US 9 – 5.5 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

Since both my FOs are birthday presents and I don’t want to reveal them yet, you get something from the backlog of stuff I never posted. Sorry!

Need a hand?

Need a hand?

These gloves were made to match a little scarf thing that I also never posted to this blog. The original pattern calls for an 11, but the designer must have been the tightest knitter on the planet because when I tried to do this on 11s it came out HUGE! So I went down to a more reasonable 9.

I skipped the top of the mitts that would turn them into mittens. Actually, I didn’t skip it. I made one and it looked really, really bad. I do not recommend making flip-top mitts with bulky yarn.

Anyway, here are the modifications to this pattern that I made to make them the way I wanted.

Modified Materials

  • 2 colors of bulky weight yarn
  • Size 9 DPNs


  • k = knit
  • p = purl
  • yo = yarn over
  • M1R = make one leaning right
  • M1L = make one leaning left
  • Sl = slip

Slip Stitch Pattern

  • With A: Knit 2 rows
  • With B: 2 rows of K2, Sl1 as if to purl


  • Cast on 24 stitches, K2P2 for 3 inches.
  • Purl 1 row.
  • K2tog, YO around
  • Purl 1 row.
  • Stockinette or slip stitch pattern around until piece is 6.5 inches.

Thumb Gusset

  • M1R, K2, M1L, knit around in pattern
  • Knit in pattern for 4 rows
  • M1R, K4, M1L, knit around in pattern
  • Continue in pattern until piece is 8.5 inches
  • Slip 6 stitches on to a stitch holder
  • CO 2 stitches, continue around in pattern
I actually used DPNS this time.

I actually used DPNS this time.


  • Continue in pattern until piece is at your bottom-most knuckles
  • K2P2 around until piece is near your next pinky knuckle
  • Bind off


  • knit 6 stitches, pick up 2 in the cast on above
  • knit 2 rows
  • K2P2 around until it reaches thumb knuckle
  • Bind off

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  1. I agree bulky yarn and mittens do not a good combination make. Your’s turned out really stunning.

  2. Cute! I’m one of those that knits and knits ignoring my inner voice screaming “WAY TOO BIG”. I guess I really should start knitting swatches. *sigh*

    I agree with your decision to omit the flip-top bit. I find that only works with really thin yarns.

  3. Those are gorgeous! And I love the buttons. Thanks for the pattern!

  4. I love these! Thanks for the pattern!

  5. Bulky yarn and mitts can be an odd combination, so I know what you mean about having tried the flip-top on one and having to frog it. These are just fabulous flip-top-less, though, the colours and textures are so foresty-beautiful. I like the buttons, too.

  6. Nice mittens. I’m battling with a pair myself, hope to finish soon. Hopefully we ge to peek at your presents in due course. Take care.

  7. Really lovely mitts! I love the button details :)

  8. I love the variation. Now to find a pattern variation for crochet :)

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