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I really love these handles!

WIP Wednesday #12


This past week I got more done on my purse, finished a present, and worked on my Mochilito Scarf!

Sneak peak!

Sneak peak!

The present I can’t really post here since it is no longer a WIP and is blocking as we speak. It is made out of Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends, which of course means it has been blocking since Monday night and as of this writing over 24 hours later it is STILL WET. But I’m giving you a sneak peak of it anyway.

I really love these handles!

I really love these handles!

Then we have that basketweave purse invented by Clara over at the Crazy Crochet Ladies. I’ve taken some liberties with the pattern I wrote down when I met with them. I made my bag with worsted cotton held double instead of bulky cotton held double, and I made it larger. I bought purse handles that I couldn’t just easily crochet around but they were so perfect I HAD to get them. I sewed up my bag before doing the lining, and I added a plastic canvas bottom and sides for the wide edges to help support it.I still need to do the lining, the small button flap, and I am contemplating making little side pockets on the short sides since the way I built my purse those sides will never tuck in right anyway.

Lastly, the Mochilito Scarf, which absolutely has to get done within a few weeks to count for the KAL it is being made for. It now measures at 33 inches.

Running out of ways to present this thing.

Running out of ways to present this thing.

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  1. I really like that purse. The handles are very unique and compliment the basket weave nicely.

  2. Lovely purse! The basket weave is very effective and the handles look really good!

  3. Love the bag handles you chose, they’re perfect for the bag :) I’d say go for adding pockets on the sides, but then I like bags with millions of pockets!

  4. Your bag is awesome, a girl can never have too many. I love your scarf, it’s stunning

  5. I’m always peering at my projects when they’re blocking! What a difference there is to see the pattern all opened up like that! Gorgeous!

  6. Great looking bag! Hope you finish the scarf in time. Take care until next time.

  7. Is it really humid where you live? I find that it always takes way longer for things to block in the summer here because of the humidity.
    Love love love the KAL scarf. Good luck finishing it.

  8. That purse! I don’t think I realized the (awesome) bag handles were for the basketweave purse when I saw them on Sunday, and they look perfect together. And you should definitely add side pockets, as side pockets are an awesome feature on purses—that’s where I keep my keys for easy-finding. :D

    • It is, but the apartment is pretty dry. I have blocked bamboo before and it always takes a long time to try. Sometimes my socks that are partially bamboo come out of the dryer still damp when everything else is dry, including the jeans and towels.

  9. Those purse handles are awesome. They go so well with the basketweave pattern!

  10. I like the handles you chose for the bag, they really suit the yarn & stitch pattern :-)

  11. Love the bag … thanks for the warning about bamboo taking so long to dry!

  12. Love your basketweave purse!!!The handles look great!!

  13. Great WIPs!

    I also LOVE those handles – that bag is super cute! I love bags but have yet to make any – I may start looking out for some cute handles :)

  14. The bag is looking AWESOME!!! You know I love the colors in your scarf too!!

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