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Chain Stitch Scarf


My camera when off when I was asking if my camera was working. ::sigh::

Pattern: Chain Stitch Scarf by Bernat Design Studio
Yarn: Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends in Linen
Needle: US 10½ – 6.5 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

I knit this scarf as a going away present for my co-worker’s last day with us. She also has the first lace scarf I ever made, which I maintain is just “meh”, but she always says how much she likes the colors. Still, I wanted her to have something better now that I have more skill.

This was actually much quicker of a knit than I expected it to be once I figured out what the pattern was asking for. When it calls for slipping a stitch on a knit row, you hold the yarn in back. When you slip a stitch on a purl row, you hold the yarn in front. This is what creates a sort of linked-chain pattern down the length of the scarf.

I think that even if I had size 10 needles as called for I wouldn’t have gotten in the 5th stripe. I am dubious to the inference that the scarf in the picture on the pattern was made with only the two balls of yarn called for.

Bernat Bamboo Natural Blends is a very soft yarn and feels wonderful to work with. However it sheds everywhere until you wash it, so be prepared to pick fuzzies off your clothes or just use one of the animal hair tape rollers to get it off you.

I would definitely like to make this scarf again. It only took a weekend to pump one out and I think it’d be a great gift scarf. It blocked to over 5 feet with the called-for 171 stitches cast on, which is plenty for a decorative scarf. It could be easily lengthened with multiples of two in the cast on, and widened by just knitting past where I stopped.

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  1. Oh that’s pretty – and you could make it wider for winter wear :)

  2. Very pretty, I am sure your friend will totally appreciate it.

  3. Ooo, I love it! Definitely going to have to give this pattern ago :)

  4. love it, it’s so dainty & pretty, great job! happy fof day! :D

  5. Very nicely done! I hate it when the patterns underestimate yardage; it can be soooo frustrating!

    • It really is. And when you look at other projects on Ravelry that state they used 2 balls of the called-for yarn, they also only have 4 stripes instead of the 5 in the pattern picture. Of course, I used a bigger needle than called for, but I had such a tiny bit left that there’s no way I could have gotten in an extra 5 rows even on a smaller needle.

  6. I am not a big scarf person but this one is lovely I would totally wear it! (the 1st time I’ve ever said that about a scarf) Looks so classy and elegant yet airy and casual LOVE IT

  7. Oh, that came out lovely. I’m not normally a fan of white/off-white, but you chose the perfect pattern for the yarn in this case, the light colour really sets off the nice openness of the scarf.

    (And I’m with you on the “sheddy yarn” front—I was picking bits of owl-wing novelty yarn off my clothes all morning today!)

  8. That is really, really pretty!!! What a nice gift — I bet your co-worker will just love it.

    (Been there and done that with gifts I made when I was still a new knitter vs. the stuff I’ve made lately. . .)

  9. That’s lovely! I’m sure your friend will love it.

  10. lovely. Your co-worker will treasure it.

  11. Could you help me with this pattern? My problem is when I go from R3 (the row where you K2 *S1. K1) to R4 where you begin knitting in stockin stitch, the slipped stitches on the row above are twisted. Do I just knit them as they are (twisted) or do I knit into the back of them? Please help. Your scarf is lovely, by the way. Thanks.

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