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Squee Sunday

Squee Sunday #9: The Versatile Blogger Award


Squee Sunday

I’m writing this on Friday night and queuing it up, just in case the hurricane or tropical storm conditions or whatever it is that hits my area knocks out my power.

There has been a versatile blogger meme going around the knit/crochet blog circuit this past week, and five people have awarded it to me! Thank you so much, An Accidental Knitter, RugbyMad, MissHSoo, Shinetastic, and Witchyknits!

I’m supposed to tell you guys 7 things about me now. It isn’t like I have many secrets left from any of you loyal readers that come on Sundays and not just Wednesdays and Fridays, because I told you last week…

  1. That I take pole fitness lessons.  I wouldn’t call anything I can do “dancing” just yet though, hehe!
  2. I guess you need some new stuff. Okay, you know I own a cat, but did you know that I am allergic to cats?  I don’t think I could bear not having a cat, so I just scan my drivers license for Zyrtec D every month and deal with it.
  3. I love paranormal fantasy, but I prefer for the way the world in it works to be interesting than for it to have wild werewolf/vampire smexings.
  4. Not that I have a problem with smexings in a book. I write fanfiction. And I read it all the time as well – more often than I write it, really. I don’t finish writing many of my stories.
  5. I like fics with Hermione/Snape. My favorite ones are set after DH, where Hermione is older and Snape somehow survives. What? I don’t think her and Ron are terribly compatible. I’ll read it if I wanna.
  6. I can’t sew. I’m awesome with knit and crochet, and I can usually seam stuff without it looking too terrible, but when it comes to cutting and sewing fabric, or embroidery, I’m just pants at it.  I always manage to ruin SOMETHING. I can barely sew buttons!
  7. Yes, I do actually have naturally curly red hair. I’m a regular ol’ Frieda.

Now, the instructions that get passed along with this particular award state that I have to thank the person that awarded it, tell 7 things about me, and then pass this on to 15 more bloggers, preferably new ones. I think 15 is a ridiculously high number for an award. I’ll award it to whoever I wanna. So there.

In no particular order:

  • Young Wifey’s Blog: Her blog is just full of different topics, such as crafts, recipes, and gorgeous pictures of the flowers in her garden. It doesn’t get more versatile than that!
  • Crochet Concupiscence: I challenge you to find another crochet blog out there that has as many different ways to talk about crochet as this one! Quotes, items on Etsy and on famous people, reviews for books and yarns, etc.
  • Toonopolis, The Blog: Maintained by the author of the Toonopolis Files, Jeremy Rodden. Writing, child-rearing, and cartoon reviews. That’s versatile!
  • Kalyn’s Kitchen:  Lots of recipes, and all of them suitable for at least one phase of the South Beach Diet. There’s something here for everyone!  I use this site all the time.
  • Nanette Crochet: Been really looking forward to new Nanette Crochet posts lately. Lots of nerdy crocheted items and patterns. I love them all!
  • Knits With Bokken: Guess what would be a versatile blog if my friend ever posted? This one here—which would, in theory, include raveling and martial arts. ::glares pointedly at Sam:: She makes all these pretties and then NEVER POSTS THEM GRR! :)

I have a crapload of raveling blogs down the sidebar of this site that is essentially a list pulled straight from my Google Reader account. This essentially means I find these blogs worthy of me checking them multiple times a day, every day. Just so you know. I just don’t have time to write down all of them and talk about why they deserve a reward! Plus, so many people got them already, it’s hard to not re-award people.

What do you have to squee about today?


  1. WOW, pole dancing. Good for you! I can’t sew fabric either even though my mom was a professional seamstress. My husband has to patch is own stuff and sew on his own buttons. Me, I just get new stuff!
    Hope you weren’t too affected by Irene.

  2. Snape and Hermione? I don’t know if I could stomach that!! Although him surviving would be interesting… don’t think he’d come around to dinner at the Potter residence do you?

    Congrats on a very well deserved award! :)

  3. Thanks for the award. Like you, I got it a few times. :) Appreciate the great comments about the blog and will be giving the award out to others tomorrow on my “other” (non-crochet) blog.

  4. Congrats on the award! Also, I love that you have organized another topic of conversation for blogging! Thanks!

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  6. Hee Hee, I actually knew some of these already!! Congrats on the award!!

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