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WIP Wednesday #16


I blocked my veil this week! It isn’t on the comb yet, but once it is, I’ll feature it on a Finished Object Friday.

I also finished using up my friend Sam’s clown barf yarn (from the Simply Slip hat). She now has a cowl and some gloves and something a little extra for the kitties. I want some of it to be a surprise (even though she could just look at my Ravelry page I guess), but here is a WIP picture of the cowl, which is a modified version of the 10th Floor Cowl.

And next is my final bridesmaid gift shawl. This has been a love hate relationship – I’ve had to rip/tink back twice now already. I get so bored with the stockinette that I drift off and manage to screw up, and then my counts get all wonky. Urgh.

It is the Adelei Shawl, and it’s for my cousin who wanted something not triangle or half circle, not too fancy but not too plain. A tall order! She’s not getting the beads though. Only Sam gets the beads (the Aeolian I cast off last week) because she’s my maid of honor. =D ¬†As with the other 3 bridesmaid gift shawls, it’s being knit in Handmaiden Sea Silk.

Of course I have two afghan blocks for tomorrow’s post, so be sure to come back and see that. And also stop in Sunday to take a look at my birthday presents! My birthday was yesterday and I got a shawl, and yarn, and some raveling books, among other things. ¬†Friday will probably be my Mochilito Scarf.

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  1. The Adelei shawl is looking pretty. I can’t believe you’re making lace shawls as gifts ! This could be because I suck at lace though ;)

  2. I love that shawl. Of to see if I can purchase it off Ravelry. I have a lot of 440+ skeins of yarn I could use. Thanks for the link!!

  3. That is one cool cowl, I really love the colours and textures. And the not-a-triangle-or-a-circle shape of the Adelei shawl is amazing—tall order totally met, and met awesomely.

  4. What thoughtful presents. Don’t you have enough stress from the wedding? It is lovely.

  5. What a lovely gift, I really like the shape of that shawl :)

  6. That cowl looks AWESOME! I’m going to have to check out the pattern . . .

    I hope the shawl can get finished without too much more tinking. . . :(

  7. I can’t wait to see your finished veil! I wish I’d learned to crochet before my wedding last year (although I still found a lot of other crafty things to do so maybe I woudn’t have had the time!) The cowl is awesome!

  8. I love that shawl. Your cowl looks great.

  9. Your bridesmaid shawl is so pretty! Sorry it was a bit of a struggle but it really is gorgeous! Funky cowl too!

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