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It's hard to photograph yourself with an iPhone. o.O

Simply Slip


It's hard to photograph yourself with an iPhone. o.O

It's hard to photograph yourself with an iPhone. o.O

Pattern: Simply Slip by Kristi Founds
Yarn: Mystery acrylics
Needle:US 5 – 3.75 mm, US 8 – 5.0 mm
Ravelry Link: Click Here

I thought I was finally going to have to be lame and put up one of my unposted projects from last winter, but then I remembered: I showed you guys the start of Simply Slip and not the finished object!

This hat was made from rainbow clown barf yarn that my friend Sam gave me to attempt to make into something she wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with in public. I think the black that I paired it with for this hat might be Wool-ease chunky.  It was supposed to be for her birthday, but I’ve got a mind to make some mitts to go with it, so that’s why I haven’t sent it over yet.

If I recall correctly, the rolled brim is knitted with the size 5s, and then you switch to the 8s for the very simple slip stitch pattern.  The pattern itself is totally worth the money and very easy to follow. I’m sure I’ll make another one of these at some point.  It works very well to showcase a variegated yarn while keeping wild colors from making your eyes bleed. :)

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  1. I like how the pattern really shows off the coloured yarn without it being way too much :) Cool brim too!

  2. It turned out really good and can be worn in public! Awesome.

  3. You’ve definitely succeeded in turning “rainbow clown barf” into “totally wearable (and in fact quite awesome)!”

    You chose just the right pattern, I think, your description of it as showcasing variegated yarn without being crrraaazy is spot-on.

  4. What a cool pattern. Thanks for the visit and comments. I often have trouble getting to your blog and can’t remember if I told you this. When you visit blogs, you’re leaving the url from your blogger dashboard; but since you don’t have a blogger blog it doesn’t take us to your blog. We see your profile, list of blogs you follow, but not your blog. If one doesn’t know to (or remember too) scroll to the left sidebar to find where it says webpage under your picture and click there, we don’t get to your blog. It takes some extra time, plus I think lots of folks may not know how to find you. You should click on name and url when you leave a comment and add the url of this wordpress blog instead of your blogger dashboard where you don’t have a blog. Does that make sense, the way I’ve described it? I can’t help but think you’re missing some return visits from people because it’s not straight forward.

    • The reason I don’t do it that way is because Blogger’s system is crappy and won’t give me an icon that way. This is why I added Google’s Friend Connect to my side bar so people can follow me that way and it will come up in their Google dashboard. :)

  5. Looks like you found a great pattern to tame down the rainbow yarn colors a bit. I think the mitts are a great idea to complete the gift.

  6. I think it looks great! It’s pretty! (In total agreement on the self-taken iphone pics, but think you did a great job – I always look slightly deranged if I look at the camera!)


    • I basically take a whole bunch of them before I get one right. I’ve gotten those deranged ones, too. And even this one is looking a bit shifty-eyed….

  7. Great use for clown barf yarn! I always see people asking on Ravelry what to do with it, and you found an awesome pattern!

  8. It looks great, a super idea for some of the brighter yarns

  9. Very cute! Love how the yarn brightens up the hat

  10. awesome and definitely wearable. Mitts would be a great addition. Your friend will love them.

  11. Looks awesome – what a great idea to pair it with the black!!

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