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War Against WIPs

War Against WIPs #7


War Against WIPs

(See more people declaring war this week!)

Three blocks this week! I skipped ahead and did the last orange one because I was worried about running out of yarn. It turns out I had enough, but this means I officially only have four yellow blocks left to crochet!

None of these were particularly tedious. The Alternate Mesh block was a bit disappointing with how easy it was after doing a bunch of intermediate blocks.

I’m excited about #63 – it’s a crochet cabled block, sorta. I wish there had been more advanced blocks like it in this blanket. It makes me want to go look for more cable blocks to make a new blanket out of some time.


  1. I like that you have such a variety of stitches going on, you’ll have to let us know at the end which ones you liked best ;)

    • I don’t remember which ones I liked and hated b/c I crocheted most of them three years ago, but as I start joining them together I’ll point out which ones I still like the look of now. :)

  2. Hey Calophi,
    I love the pattern of Block #57, since you’re saying it wasn’t particularly tedious, maybe I should give it a try. :D

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