Rip It Good

WIP Wednesday #22


I don’t have much to show for this week. Oh, I worked, and Mom’s present is off the needles! You guys already know I can’t show it to you yet, but here’s what’s left of the 490 or so yards of yarn that I used for the project.

I used as much yarn as I could and then bound off using a yarnless crochet bindoff, the nature of which I guess is a sort of hint as to what sort of project this is (or rather what it probably isn’t), since it’s not stretchy at all.

I also ripped back on the black gloves because I hated where the thumbs were placed. The sad part about this is that I had bound them off and finished one thumb before deciding to frog. The Swish DK didn’t take the frogging very well, but I’m hopeful that once they’re washed and blocked they will look better. Here’s were they are currently at.

Ripping these back so far hurt my soul.

I’ll try to take a finished picture of these in the sun for you guys so you can actually see the cables, but since the fall sun is at a bad angle and doesn’t light up the living room well in the mornings anymore, and I don’t get home until the light is too dim for a good picture, I make no promises.

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  1. I like the pattern in the gloves I hope they block up ok for you as I think they’ll look really good in the end :)

  2. Congrats on finishing your mom’s gift :) Looking forward to seeing how the gloves turn out for you!

  3. That yarnless crochet bind off is ingenious, thanks for the link!

    Sorry to hear about the necessary frogging, that sucks :(

  4. I’m sure the gloves will come out great. And it is always better to rip out and make it right than end up with something you are never happy with even if others say it looks like.

  5. Your gloves are looking good so far. I hope a good blocking makes them work out the way you want them to.

  6. The gloves are looking great and your mom’s gift is fabulous!!! I feel so honored to have gotten to see it! In answer to your question, yes, the mitts are knit flat and then seamed. For some reason at work, I can’t see the comments on my blog so I couldn’t answer you there…

  7. Aw bummer…frogging always makes my soul cry a bit. But, in the end you will be happier and that is all that matters. Great job on finishing up your mom’s present :D I hope she enjoys it.

  8. Congrats on finishing your mum’s gift. I can’t wait to see it. Though I have a few ideas of what it might be.

  9. I think your gloves look great!

  10. Rip it good indeed! I HATE frogging and usually suck it up and keep going, good on you!

  11. I think blocking will do as you hope. You’ll be glad to have reknit the thumb placement.

  12. It is so thoughtful of you to make a gift for your mom. I think your idea is very creative. Though you said that it is not a promise still I can’t wait how your creation will turn out.

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